Shot Heard ‘Round the World

The evening of the 19th of April in ’75

Dear friends,

Wounded British soldiers returning from battle fill our Boston meeting houses and churches; every available space in town has become either a morgue or an infirmary.  I hear of Redcoat casualties as high as 70 dead and 170 wounded at the Battles of Lexington and Concord.  But of the minutemen I have no reports.  Has anyone heard a report or spoken with eyewitnesses?  What has all this fighting accomplished?

Concerned about the victims on both sides,


10 thoughts on “Shot Heard ‘Round the World

  1. I found two monuments in Lexington and concord. one was the grave of two British soldiers who died in this battle. the second one was a monument of the minute men who died at this location including captain Isaac.

  2. The british invated lexington and concord a towns jusr outside of boston. the came to try and destroy as many weapons as they could. My familys house is just near the north bridge where the first shot was fired by the british. However, i was evactuated to Punkatasset Hill along with my mother and my younger siblings. I was told that the colonists over-powered the british soilders and tried to reatreat to boston. Some made it, but most were killed by the colonists following them down to boston.

  3. The night of April 19 1775, I serveyed the area and spotted British Regulars burning the supplies in colonial homes. The flames threatened many houses, including mine, the Minots. I pleaded for the British to put out the flames, with much encouregement, they eventually did and I suceeded. The homemaker, Mary Minot evacuated with the nine children she owned, and Dr. Timothy Minot tended to the fellow injured British soldiers.

  4. I was there at the battle. The colonists lost 50 men. 40 men were wounded. 5 were missing

  5. On the day of the battle I was looking for my uncle at the north brigde. My age is 10. I didnt know if hes dead or not.

  6. I was an eye wittness yesterday at the north bridge. I was helping wounded British officers because I help anyone that is ill or injured. I might become an army surjieon for the patriots which will take me away from my family. I also brought some of my kids to Punkatasset hill so they could be safe.

  7. On the day of the shot heard round the world I was at my house and the regulars came in to look for stores since my family are patriots we had stores hidden in our house but luckly for us the regulars did not find them once they finally left I could not find my son Cyrus in the house.

  8. I heard that the british traveld by sea and in search of weppons but lextioning and concord were ready and they fought and they won.

  9. The Millita and I thought this bloodshed battle was just the beginning, the shot heard ’round the world is just the beginning. This war will be revolutionary. All of this fighting will acomplish our freedom. Also I was a eyewitness to this battle, I told my soilders to “Fire fellow soilders, for god sakes fire!”

  10. On April 19th, 1755 the first shot of the Battle of Lexington and Concord was heard. On the night of the first shot I set off to look for my nephew Cyrus. Cyrus had ran away to find his Uncle Ben. While I was on my way to find him I saw the South Bridge’s planks torn off and thrown into the stream. I got the neighbors slave and she helped me put those planks back into place so the other people on this side of town could come over to battle the British.

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