Tea Party on Griffin’s Wharf


Boston Tea Party

17 December 1773

Dear customers of the Cobbler Shoppe,

I am writing a letter to the editor of the Boston Local and need your assistance.  Could any of ye eyewitnesses let me know what you saw and heard on Griffin’s Wharf tonight?  I need more details to make my point.  I attended the meeting at the Old South Meeting House last night but had to return home to tend to my ill sister.

Gratefully yours,


5 thoughts on “Tea Party on Griffin’s Wharf

  1. What I heard, was the men and I of the Sons of Liberty destroying their pampered tea and making a fool of the redcoats. Huzzah!

  2. I was an eye witness i saw the men dressed as indans and they quietly snuck down the ally i was closing my shutters when i saw them. They went abord the ships an opend all of the creats and dumped them into the sea then left.

  3. I did not see the tea party happening but in boston news carrys very quickily but so do rummers so I do no know what to belive.

  4. I am a Son of Liberty and I am happy that we threw the tea of thy boat the Dartmouth. Plus we’ve teached King George the jerk a lesson never to send tea again! rest of croud said “huzzah!!!!”

  5. I was thrilled when I heard of what happened, but what will the king think about this whole situation that we are now in?

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