Bostontowne Celebrates the Treaty of Paris


Boston 1763     British Parliament ratifies the treaty ending the French and Indian War. King George III and Parliament signed the Peace of Paris or Treaty of Paris, as it is called, on February 10, 1763.  In the treaty France loses Canada and all claims to territory east of the Mississippi.   Spain gains control of Louisiana, the land west of the Mississippi.  Spain also regains Cuba and in return cedes Florida to Great Britain.

Boston celebrates with luminations and bonfires.

The Boston Gazette


Navigation Acts

Letter to the editor of the Boston Local:

British control of our trade is not new.  We have suffered under the Navigation Acts for a hundred years.  Thankfully the mother country was too busy fighting wars in Europe to enforce these trade laws:

1. Only British ships can transport imported and exported goods from the colonies.
2. The only people allowed to trade with the colonies have to be British citizens.
3. Commodities such as sugar, tobacco, and cotton wool which are produced in the colonies can be exported only to British ports.

Now Britain is back to enforcing these unfair “only” laws.

I’m for fair trade with all countries and may even stop importing items for my cobbler shop.  Thank goodness I have a good local tanner for leather.


Cobbler Shoppe

Trivia:    When did Great Britain first impose the Navigation Acts on our colony?