The Townshend Acts

Boston, 1767:  Britain’s Chancellor of the Treasury, Charles Townshend, has succeeded in urging Parliament to pass new taxes for the colonists.  The Townshend Acts require the colonists to pay taxes on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea.  British customs agents are boarding and seizing ships in Boston’s harbor (including John Hancock’s  Liberty ship) to search for smuggled goods .  The Sons of Liberty are reacting with riots and fires.  More British troops are on the way to our port.

The Boston Local

2 thoughts on “The Townshend Acts

  1. This new act is not good news for my family. With all the boycotting of taxed goods, Francis is sure to go out of buisness. Nobody will want to buy his glass because it is taxed! Also, I don’t like having to pay taxes on paper, paint and tea. I do not really care that lead is taxed; I barely use it for anything.

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