An Incident on King Street

6 March 1770

Dear Patriots,

I heard bits and pieces about a fight on King Street last night.  Some of our men were killed.  Were any of ye there?  Does anyone have the details?

Anxiously awaiting news,


8 thoughts on “An Incident on King Street

  1. Some colonists attacked the British soilders with clubs and snowballs, the “attack” was led by a man named crispus attucks. He died along with five other colonists. The British started to fire at the colonists, even though supposedly captain Preston didn’t order them to fire. Maybe they misheard someone. -CH

  2. This is an outrage! First the king taxes us, and now the men he said would protect us and help us hurt our people! I hope it was an incident, or hopefully they did not kill innocent people; maybe some of the colonists were being rowdy again?

  3. This incident is infuriating. I just cannot believe that the Red Coats came here to protect us but now they have killed five innocent men. This is just outrageous!

  4. This massacre was poposturus I heard gun fire, club whacking, and rock throwing. I did not attend that horrible massacre last night.

  5. The incident that happened last night was outragous! Crispus Attucks lead the attack on the Red Coats. One Red Coat fired first without command, five innocent men were shot last night, Crispus was first to fall.

  6. This incindent was very much bad looking for us colonists. We have been forever shamed.

  7. The incident on king street was colonists being rowdy and somehow a few shots rang out. Its just insane, the british were sent here to protect us then they kill us. Just insane.

  8. A little bit of irony maybe? King George, they ARE supposed to protect, right? Well, if I have a reason to fight them, you’re doing a poor job at it.

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