The Stamp Act of 1765

Dear colonists,

King George III of England has issued a Stamp Act placing a small tax on paper: newspapers, documents, receipts, marriage and death certificates, diplomas, playing cards, and other paper.  That seems fair to me.  The King’s treasury dwindled while England supplied our colony with enough Redcoats to defeat the French here on our soil.  Armies and naval ships cost money.  Shall the colonists enjoy the King’s protection and yet complain about paying taxes to King George who needs to rebuild the royal treasury?



Proud British citizen

10 thoughts on “The Stamp Act of 1765

  1. I shall say this stamp tax makes me quite upset because we had no repusation.
    “No repusion No taxation”

  2. It is hard to pay tax if you have no money like a penny for every paper you get if it had a stamp on it!!!!!!!!!!👎👎

  3. I don’t really care what the King george says, I will still ask Mosess Green to smuggle paper for me😅

  4. I hate this act you have to pay a penny for paper if it had a stupid stamp on it im .Talking to the king this is really dum the king is probaly dum.

  5. I dont think we should have sramp taxes because we want money to. Sincerely Grace Crackstone

  6. The stamp act is a very bad idea because people will stop using parer so much and will only buy stuff that is important

  7. I do not like this new act of injustice. It seems unfair that we should have to pay a tax on paper. I understand that the king lost a lot of money sending his men overseas, but why tax us on the one thing we seem to use most?

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