The Quartering Act

British Regular

Dear Colonists,

The king’s soldiers, the Regulars, are permitted to stay at your home under the King’s Quartering Act.  Please know that the King’s troops are here to protect you.  Give them shelter, food, and drink, as you would any family member of your own.  You will find these English men to be friendly and caring if you treat them well.


Massachusetts Governor Thomas Hutchinson

P.S.  Do care for the horses, as well.

16 thoughts on “The Quartering Act

  1. That is not right, the britians come here to “protect” us, but it almost sounds like they’re here to watch us Yanky doodles

  2. I shouldn’t have to welcome these men in if I don’t want to. I don’t want to because it would be unfair for us to house strangers and feed strangers. We should be able to chose to let the soldiers in.

  3. I wyll not care for thee kings horses en men. Thee king is a idle-headed fool who cares for only himself. I do not bid for evil things.

  4. I’m now done, and furious with the King after the sugar act and that horrible stamp act. I want someone to assasinate King George III

  5. I do not like this new act. I do not want to have to feed the Regulars and their horses as well as my family. They would get in the way of my daughter’s weaving and spinning and my teaching. On the marrow I must write to Governer Hutchinson about this outragous new law!

  6. I do like that he wrote with convidence but that doesn’t change the matter at hand with letting random soldiers into our home and feed them our food. I will serve it on a lead plate. Also I do love horses but this is a outrage.

  7. This is an abombonation! We should not have to give care to the british troops and their horses.

  8. I am outraged by this quartering act and I think it is not right that we have no chose but to let them in our homes

  9. I don’t care what the king says, I am not going to let these people invade my shop and my home!

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